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Narendra Modi Let us use Artificial Intelligence to create a better future for our citizens. https://t.co/83JM9Ymi52
  2018-02-18 (15:55:06)

Narendra Modi The road ahead for Artificial Intelligence will be guided by human intentions. The evolution of Technology has to? https://t.co/LvusqcKkfX
  2018-02-18 (15:54:42)

Narendra Modi With new technology comes new opportunities that will shape our future. https://t.co/ciwmfRe4H8
  2018-02-18 (15:53:59)

Narendra Modi At the inauguration of the Wadhwani Institute of Artificial Intelligence, gave the clarion call- we need to Make Ar? https://t.co/RfULMIRV4s
  2018-02-18 (15:53:18)

Narendra Modi Guided by a comprehensive vision, we are implementing people friendly, development friendly and investment friendly? https://t.co/LK0WcbBxKc
  2018-02-18 (15:17:56)

Narendra Modi At #MagneticMaharashtra, I gave a detailed account of how this year?s Budget will bring a qualitative change in the? https://t.co/9bwZc2GbtD
  2018-02-18 (15:16:45)

Narendra Modi It is gladdening to witness a very healthy spirit of competition among the states to draw maximum investment. This? https://t.co/qejbqFZcLa
  2018-02-18 (15:16:00)

Narendra Modi Under the leadership of @Dev_Fadnavis, Maharashtra has undertaken impressive reforms and stupendous efforts to make? https://t.co/AzM6msXgDS
  2018-02-18 (15:15:19)