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Narendra Modi Strongly condemn the barbaric terrorist attack on a place of worship in Egypt. Our deep condolences at the loss of? https://t.co/dy0ZFCEv4L
  2017-11-24 (16:08:32)

Narendra Modi Held talks with the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka, Mr. Ranil Wickremesinghe. @RW_UNP https://t.co/R2eIVf7Gkm
  2017-11-23 (10:18:18)

Narendra Modi Sharing my speech at the Global Conference on Cyber Space. @gccsofficial #GCCS2017 https://t.co/q6n83EXU7i
  2017-11-23 (10:16:19)

Narendra Modi Cyber security is essential in today?s era. Digital space must not become a playground for the dark forces of terro? https://t.co/Sgia4Y8p9Z
  2017-11-23 (10:15:24)

Narendra Modi The Internet has opened new opportunities for our youth to showcase their creativity. https://t.co/v6V7N1khi2
  2017-11-23 (10:14:54)

Narendra Modi The digital domain furthers Jan Bhagidari. Here are some examples. https://t.co/1xOka2wLqA
  2017-11-23 (10:14:36)

Narendra Modi Technology validates the Indian philosophy of "Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam.? We are harnessing technology to facilitate E? https://t.co/WDF9JugXEJ
  2017-11-23 (10:14:18)

Narendra Modi From bulky mainframe computer systems, email and personal computers to social media and mobiles, technology has see? https://t.co/9N4dxUaDqX
  2017-11-23 (10:13:25)