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Narendra Modi Wonderful news! Delighted that INSV Tarini has rounded Cape Horn in the last few hours. We are extremely proud of t? https://t.co/lakobdbCkE
  2018-01-19 (05:13:50)

Narendra Modi Wonderful bonding, Prime Minister! https://t.co/byIO1EjLkH
  2018-01-18 (18:09:56)

Narendra Modi Have a message for #MannKiBaat? Call 1800-11-7800 to record it. You can also share ideas on the MyGov Open Forum. https://t.co/k0o2ahfkjg
  2018-01-18 (13:10:46)

Narendra Modi It is always a delight to read your insightful ideas and inputs for #MannKiBaat. What are your suggestions for 2018? https://t.co/ubbjzgCySv
  2018-01-18 (13:09:54)

Narendra Modi Visited the Centre of Excellence for Vegetables with PM @netanyahu. We were briefed on the progress in India-Israel? https://t.co/FRVzwNoIx1
  2018-01-17 (13:12:30)

Narendra Modi The Gal-Mobile (Mobile Filtration Vehicle), on which I also rode with PM @netanyahu, fascinated me! I thank? https://t.co/sk8wJnEAmp
  2018-01-17 (10:31:38)

Narendra Modi My young friends, use your innovative zeal to help India overcome the major problems our country faces. https://t.co/Icr6YonTcr
  2018-01-17 (10:31:03)

Narendra Modi Do you know why the ?i? in iCreate is in the smaller case? Hear this video to find out. https://t.co/94Bgdce9C4
  2018-01-17 (10:30:34)