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Narendra Modi I am devoting my life for the betterment of crores of people of Gujarat and India. Have been fortunate to always ge? https://t.co/9PX9gs6Ezh
  2017-12-12 (11:30:27)

Narendra Modi No Gujarati will let go off a golden opportunity of development of our youth and coming generations. Victory of BJP? https://t.co/BoDfLAZl7P
  2017-12-12 (11:30:04)

Narendra Modi With the Government of India and Government of Gujarat working together, the strength rises manifold. This 1+ 1 is? https://t.co/uvAAStM1so
  2017-12-12 (11:29:42)

Narendra Modi The lies that our worthy opponents have spread, about Gujarat, Gujarat?s growth and about me personally is somethin? https://t.co/aeQrDN0qP5
  2017-12-12 (11:29:21)

Narendra Modi I urge my sisters and brothers of Gujarat to vote in record numbers on the 14th. I call upon the people of Gujarat? https://t.co/w0qslOqyX3
  2017-12-12 (11:28:52)

Narendra Modi During my travels across Gujarat, the level of affection I have received from the people is unparalleled in my 40 y? https://t.co/U5QhPqANve
  2017-12-12 (11:28:24)

Narendra Modi Campaigning for the Gujarat Assembly Elections 2017 ends. After three and a half years, I got the honour to travel? https://t.co/hIyOzCz3Uy
  2017-12-12 (11:27:48)

Narendra Modi ?????????, ?????? ??? ????? ?????????? ???? ????? ?????? ????? ?????? ????? ????? ???, ???? ???????? ????? ???? ???? https://t.co/yMPO3VB1zI
  2017-12-12 (11:18:59)